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Where do I start?

The world of Arowana can seem complicated and confusing to people who are new to it. I would suggest starting in the web shop to get a feel for varieties and prices. Then check out the information section to find out about arowana history, how to value one, how they are bred and much much more.


June 2008 - Insured Imports

We are now offering fully insured imports on all of our fish. Added at checkout you can insure the shipping but also a 90 day complete care insurance. This makes it the most comprehensive and long lasting insurance policy for any Arowana in the world.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information


May 2008 - Web Shop is proud to present the first Web Shop dedicated to Arowana in the world! This will hopefully provide the European Arowana community with a point of reference and comparison. New fish will be added and updated constantly with our commitment to keeping the prices a keen as possible at all times. Our premium quality fish are hand picked from across Asia, or we can select show winners from past competitions. Welcome to a convienient reliable and guarenteed source of Arowanas on the web.


There has also been significant expansion to the information section and other areas of the web site. Have a look around and feel free to email your comments to us here


April 2008 - Trip to Asia... continued

The trip to Asia was a huge success, with filming all commercial aspects of Arowana in Asia. From Microchipping to Harvesting and Feng Sui to Freight. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and a real honour for me to be involved with Richard Brock and Martin Saunders - (see The film will be at the Bristol film festival in November and hopefuly we should see it more generally released following that.


April 2008 - Trip to Asia is currently working with a major TV production company to produce a wildlife program featuring the Arowana. "I am travelling to Asia to assist with the filming and I am very much looking forward to providing more information to the public as soon as I am able. This is an exciting development for Arowana Awareness" - Medan Gabbay.


April 2008

Redesign of web site


March 2008 trades independently of Anglo Aquarium. Due to the ever increasing demand for specialist importers of Arowana, and after a proud 2 years working with Anglo Aquarium Plant Co. is now trading entirely independently of Anglo Aquarium. "I am focusing on bringing this beautiful lifestyle fish to the UK and making it as accessible as possible for every enthusiast". We are booking now for a shipment on the 31st of May and the Arowana community and interest has never been this strong.

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